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Once Is A Mistake

Once Is A MistakePopular

Category:   All    Posted:   2016/11/10 4:03   Hits:   841    Comments:   0

Once is a mistake, twice is a choice. .

Honesty In Friendship

Honesty In FriendshipPopular

Category:   All    Posted:   2016/11/10 4:01   Hits:   857    Comments:   0

If you lost a friend because you were honest, wait because a true friend will eventually realize that you weren't honest to hurt them, you were honest because honestly in friendship is better than lies. .

Not Okay To Feel Alone

Not Okay To Feel AlonePopular

Category:   All    Posted:   2016/11/10 3:57   Hits:   811    Comments:   0

It's okay to be alone. It's not okay to feel alone. .

Emotional Pain

Emotional PainPopular

Category:   All    Posted:   2016/11/10 3:56   Hits:   491    Comments:   0

Why do we think that emotional pain is not as bad as physical pain when physical pain heals quickly and emotional pain lasts a lifetime. .

Shedding Light

Shedding LightPopular

Category:   All    Posted:   2016/11/10 3:53   Hits:   440    Comments:   0

There are two ways of shedding light. You can be the candle or be the mirror that reflects it. ~ Edith Wharton.

Be Flexible

Be FlexiblePopular

Category:   All    Posted:   2016/11/10 3:52   Hits:   408    Comments:   0

Rigidity is not strength, flexibility is not strength. .

Everything Evolves

Everything EvolvesPopular

Category:   All    Posted:   2016/9/28 18:25   Hits:   470    Comments:   0

Everything in this universe constantly changes. There is nothing that stays the same. Everything is constantly evolving into something else.

My Shoes

My ShoesPopular

Category:   All    Posted:   2016/9/28 18:23   Hits:   473    Comments:   0

These are my shoes. Until you've walked a mile in them, be quiet. .

Change Happens When We Act

Change Happens When We ActPopular

Category:   All    Posted:   2016/9/28 18:21   Hits:   1240    Comments:   0

Change doesn't happen when we talk. Change happens when we act. .

1-9 (out of 32 photos)
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