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There is life after death. In fact death is just an illusion. We are always alive, we just change form. Our beliefs determine what our next life will be like. It is not god or the universe that makes that decision, it is us. I remember thirteen of my previous lives so I am writing from experience. Life never ends. We live over and over. Whether our lives will be good ones or bad ones is entirely up to us so we need to focus on making the world the kind of place we would like to come back to.

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Your karmic energy is not solid like a magnet, but it serves the same function. Karma is energy. It cannot be seen, heard, tasted or smelled, yet it exists. It is personal to you. You are always attracting and repelling people, things and situations daily. The people, things and situations you attract and repel are based solely on your beliefs. Like a magnet, the stronger your beliefs are, the quicker people, things and situations are drawn to you. There are lots of people, things and situations every where, every day but we notice only the ones we are tuned into. Our karmic energy determines what people we let into our lives, what things we keep around us and what situations we find ourselves in. It also determines the people, things and situations we avoid. This attracting and repelling is our karmic energy and our karmic energy determines the kind of life we will live and the kind of world we will create.

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This book will explain to you what forgiveness is, how to make forgiving easier, why we don''t forgive, what happens when we forgive and how to forgive. It will show you how to let go of your emotional pain and be free once and for all of the things that happened to you in the past. Once you can forgive those who have hurt you, you can forgive yourself for being hurt.

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First you are born, then you create beliefs, then your beliefs create our thoughts, then your thoughts create your feelings and all those things create your life. It is hard to change your beliefs but you can, with practice and patience, change your thoughts to more positive ones. By changing your thoughts to more positive ones, you can change the feelings they create to happy ones. Happy people live happier lives. You do want a happier life don''t you? Then think again! and change your thoughts to change your life.

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Take the fifty two weeks of unconditional kindness challenge. Can you do at least one nice thing for someone each week? Unconditional kindness means doing nice things for others without expecting anything in return. Can you let go of your fears of not getting anything back for being nice? Can you give and let go? Try it and see.

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