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Why Aren't We All Rich?

Why are we all so short of money? Is it that we are taught to always want more than we have? Is it that we always want bigger and better things? Is it that none of us are taught life skills in school? Is it that we're taught that a rich man cannot enter heaven? Is it because we think money is the root of all evil? Why don't we have enough money for all the things we need in life? Some of us don't even have enough for food and shelter?

Money is tied up with self worth. It may be just bits of paper but we have given it value and a part of that value is our self worth. How much money do you think you are worth? If I was to hold an auction and sell you on Ebay, what would the price tag be? How much do you think someone would be willing to pay for you? If you were someone else how much would you pay for you? Look at your bank account. Subtract what you owe with what you have and that is how much you are worth. Not just how much you are worth on paper but how much you think you are worth. You have as much money as you think you deserve.

Money isn't just money. If money was to disappear tomorrow, we would replace it with something else. When we didn't have money, we bartered and some of us had more to barter with than others. Some people are just born with the ability to get more in life than other people. That comes from inside. No matter how much we would like to think that money doesn't matter, it does. There is a reason it exists. It shows us who believes in abundance and who believes in poverty. It shows us who believes they deserve an easy life and who believes they deserve a hard life. It shows us who thinks they deserve happiness and who thinks that they don't.

Having negative thoughts about money will keep you poor no matter how much money you have. If you think money is evil, you will never have any. If you think that being poor is better than being rich, you will never have enough money. If you think that you don't deserve money, then you will never have any. If you can't picture yourself being rich, then you will never be rich.

Money is also tied to happiness. Underlying a lack of money is a belief that you don't deserve to be happy. Money prevents you from getting a lot of things in life, food, education, health care, housing, clothing, recreation. It prevents you from getting almost everything. The amount of money you have is not what makes your life an easy life; it's the way you manage your money that makes your life an easy life. There are rich people who are just as unhappy as poor people. Rich people have better education, better health care, better housing, better food, better clothes but they do just as horrible a job at managing their money as poor people do; they just have a lot more to mismanage that's all.

The real issue is not really money, it is abundance. Abundance equals happiness. Abundance doesn't mean having lots of stuff or having lots of money. Abundance means having everything you need to live and more to spare. Whether you need a few million dollars or a few thousand dollars to survive in life, if you have it and more then you have abundance. When you have abundance, you can sleep peacefully at night knowing that you don't want for anything. When you have abundance you don't have to worry about health care, you don't have to worry about housing, you don't have to worry about your children's education. Everyone has money, whether it is a little or a lot but not everyone has abundance.

We aren't all rich because not all of us think we are worth a lot. Not all of us believe that money is good. Not all of us believe that we deserve to have money and not all of us believe that we deserve to be happy. Until we do, we will continue to never have enough and no matter how much money we have we will still have a hard life.

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