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A Peaceful World Attracts Peaceful Souls

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If you want the world to be different then you have to provide the type of environment that kind souls want to be born into. This is a very important concept that people need to understand. Souls are attracted to the type of environment they can relate to. A violent world attracts violent souls. A kind world attracts kind souls.

Think about prisons and why the people who are in there are in there. Prisons attract people who are unable to follow the rules of the society they live in. Someone who follows the rules would never be in a prison. If I build a prison, only people who we consider bad would be put in there. People know what a prison is. They know what they have to do to get there so how do they get there? They make the decision to commit a crime, thinking they can get away with the crime. They don't so they end up in prison with all the other people who are like them.

This is how reincarnation works. There are millions of planets, millions of universes. You are a unique individual who do things and the things you do makes you who you are so you end up in a place where there are people who are just like you. Everyone who is here on Earth, just like everyone who is in a prison, has something in common. They are the same types of people.

I am not saying Earth is a prison. I am using that as an example to show how people who are the same end up in the same place. The environment and the belief system is what attracts a soul to be born in a certain place. The more terrible the world is, the more damaged the souls it attracts. The more violent it is on Earth, the more violent souls are born on it because they fit in here. The more suffering there is on Earth, the more souls who feel they need to suffer and those who enjoy making people suffer will be born here.

It also works the other way. The kinder it is on Earth, the more people who are kind are born here. The more peaceful it is on Earth, the more people who are peaceful are born here. Like attracts like. If we want the world to be different we must provide the type of environment in which peaceful, kind souls will be born into. It takes a lot of effort to lift people up than it is to let them drag you down so instead of fighting to bring people up to a higher level, we let them pull us down to theirs. This is why the world keeps getting worse. This is why more violent, hateful souls are being born into the world.

We have to be the change we want to see in the world. We keep expecting other people to change when it is us who have to change. If we want peace, then we have to be peaceful. If we want kindness, then we have to be kind. If we want a loving world, then we have to be loving. Once we have created a peaceful environment then we will attract peaceful souls. Once we create a kind environment they we will attract kind souls and the world will become a better place.

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