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What Is Fate?

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Fate is the life we are destined to live. We cannot escape it. Some find that no matter how hard they try, they remain on the same path. This leads to frustration and a sense of helplessness. Why try if everything is already predestined? How do we know when to give up? And when to give it just one more try?

Fate is a river we are thrown into when we are born. The river has a very strong current and it drags us along from birth to death. We have no choice but to go with the flow of the river. This makes us feel helpless sometimes because we may be tempted to fight the current. We may struggle to stop the current because we don't like our life. At points we may try to turn around and go against the current but we can't.

When we go against the current we make our life a lot more difficult than it needs to be. Our life is the way it is because of the beliefs we have. It is those beliefs that drew us to the life we have. No use fighting it because the struggle we are going through on the outside is the struggle we should be fighting on the inside. Life is easier when we go along with the current. Let the current take us where it is taking us. Do not fight it. We cannot change it.

What we can do is change our attitude toward it. Change our thoughts and change our beliefs. It doesn't change the river or the current; it changes our attitude. It changes the filters through which we see the world. We are not helpless in the current. We must move in the direction the current is going but we can move within the current. We can move left and right but always forward. Being able to move within the current allows us to grab onto opportunities as they come by. We must grab opportunities as they come by because they will pass us by and not come again. We can also rest at certain spots if we want. We can stop and enjoy the spot we are in or stop and wallow in misery. We can also just do nothing and let what will be, will be.

Just because the rivers of fate decide what will happen to us, doesn't mean we do not have choices. There are endless opportunities along the path. This is destiny. Fate is the river we are thrown into and destiny is all the choices we make along the way. The river is wide and there are lots of people, things and situations in it that we may come across. It is up to us to pick who we will make a part of our life, what situations we will be a part of and which side of the river we drift on.

Having the life we want means having the ability to see the right opportunities as they come along and grabbing hold of them. People who are miserable do not see the opportunities life throws at them. They miss most of them and are miserable because of it. Or they cling to places they should let go. Instead of moving with the flow of life, they cling to a certain spot believing it's safer to stay where they are than to see what's up ahead. They want things to change in their life but they don't want to let go of the rock they are holding and let the river take them someplace else. For true change to happen, we have to let go of all the things we are holding on to. Once we let go, we can move in a new direction. There is no promise that the new direction will be any better than where we are now but for sure it will be different.

Why try if everything is already predestined? First of all, not everything is predestined. We are in a river filled with many things. If we stay in one place, anything that is flowing down that particular path we will encounter, whether we want to or not. If we move, we can avoid things and encounter new things on a different path. It's up to us what we encounter in life.

How do we know when to give up and when to give it just one more try? We don't. We don't know what is up ahead. We don't know what is around the corner. We don't know if we are in the right spot in the river to get what we want. That's what makes life interesting. Frustrating, but interesting. It's up to us whether we stop or keep going. If we really want something then we should keep trying but we have to remember to let go of anything that is holding us back and also to look out for opportunities that may help us along the way.

Fate is the river we are thrown into at birth. We can never change the river. We can never change what is in the river. We can only move within the river. We can go down different paths. We can grab on to the things we want to keep and let go of the things we don't want to keep. We may not be able to decide our fate but we definitely decide our destiny.

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