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We Don't See Relatives When We Die

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There is a common belief that when we die we will be greeted by long dead relatives; That they will meet us, greet us and take us to be with them in a better place. This belief does not stem from a belief in reincarnation. This belief comes from Christianity. Christians believe that when they die their relatives will meet them and escort them to heaven. Christianity has spread all over the world so their beliefs have become mainstream.

When we die we do not meet up with long lost friends and relatives. When we die we are sucked immediately into a new life. There is no waiting. No in-between. No judgements. No rehashing everything we have done or that we should have done. We have always existed and we will always exist. We are energy and like physicists say: energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be changed. We move from life to life changing and adapting.

When we die we don't wait around for anyone because the people we knew will no longer be who they were. Our parent will no longer be our parent. Our friend will no longer be our friend. The spirit who is our parent in this life may be a neighbour 10 lives from now. They may be an enemy 100 lives from now. Or we may never meet them again. Whether we meet someone again depends on their relevance to the life we are currently living. It also depends on our karmic bond with them. When we are reborn, we will have new parents and we will go on to become parents of new children. And those we knew will do the same.

We don't just live just one life. We live millions. That means millions of parents, millions of friends and millions of relatives so which one of them will be there to meet us when we pass on? Believing friends and relatives will be there to meet us is just wishful thinking because we don't want to be alone. We want to believe that the people we love will always be with us. The reality is we will meet new people to love, new people to care about. Once we reach a state of being where we feel connected to everyone we will not fear being alone because we will understand that we are all one and that the only thing that separates us is our false belief that we are separate beings.

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