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Death Is Not Real

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Death is not real. It isn't real because energy cannot be created or destroyed. It merely changes form. We have always existed and we will always exist.

Death is changing from one form to another. We shed our human form and take on another. We, as energy, change form over and over again. We have always done this and will always do this.

The form we take on is based on our beliefs. We can take on any form. Energy can be changed into anything. The possibilities are endless. We take on human form, live our lives, "die" then we take on another form, "die" and then take on another form etc. This goes on over and over again forever. It never stops because there is no end to life.

Do not fear death. When you view yourself as energy it makes accepting death easier. When we finally realize that we are energy then we realize that death does not even exist. Death is not real.

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