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Death Is Moving From The Visible To The Invisible

We have always existed. This is a point I really want to drive home to people. In the beginning we existed and in the end we will exist because there is no beginning and no end. Life always is.

Death does not exist. Death is the process of going from visible to invisible. Being born is going from invisible to visible. Death is easier to comprehend if we learn to think of it in this manner. The visible person can interact with the visible or "material" world. They can walk, talk, eat, have sex etc. because they are part of the visible world.

When we die, we go from being visible to being invisible. This means we can no longer be seen, heard or interact with the visible in any way. Unlike the wishful thinking of "psychics" it is impossible to interact with the dead. Things moving around, ghosts, being touched etc only happens in movies. When people watch horror movies, they start seeing things that aren't there, hearing things and imagining beings.

The dead are gone. They are on a different plane of existence. When people are alive, say what you need to say, do not wait to show them how you feel. When they join the invisible realm it will be too late.

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