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Reincarnation is when a person dies and is reborn again.

A lot of people say they don't believe in reincarnation. They believe in a god who lives in the sky and that god created them. That god will either let them live on in heaven with him when they die or live on in hell with the devil. This belief means that people believe in eternal life. Other people believe that there is no afterlife and we just become food for the worms.

Well, it doesn't matter which one a person believes in, neither of those beliefs disproves reincarnation. I personally believe in reincarnation because I remember living before. I have since I was little. I found out not everyone remembers their previous lives when I was ten. For me it is impossible to not believe in reincarnation. If your god created you once why couldn't he do so again? Why would he not give you another chance to change some of the mistakes that you made? Why is it only a choice between heaven or hell? Why not a third choice? To be born again.

For those who believe that we become worm food when we die and nothing more I say this, we were created by a certain set of circumstances. Why couldn't those circumstances that created us, happen again? Even if we are accidents (which I doubt) why couldn't the accident happen again? And again? And again? Even if you believe we came from nothing and will return to nothing. It is possible that the same circumstances that created us from nothing could create us again. This is why it is impossible to not believe in reincarnation.

Lots of people throughout the world remember living before. That is proof that reincarnation exists. Heaven, hell, nothingness cannot be proven at all. They are merely speculation.

We are made up of energy and energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only change form. We are energy. This means we were not created and we cannot be destroyed. We can only change form, which is what we do when we die. We change form, then we die, then we change form again, then we die again, over and over. We do this forever. Life always was, is and will be.

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