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Our Fear Of Death Causes The Suffering Of Others

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Our fear of death has caused us to prolong the suffering on our elders, people with debilitating diseases, the mentally handicapped and those who are in comas. We are more concerned with the length of someone's life than with the quality of their life. The quality of someone's life is more important than the length. Is it better to live a short happy life or to live a long life of pain and suffering?

No one has the right to tell someone else to keep living when they don't want to. It is their life and it is their right to decide. We fear death so much that we do not understand those who don't. We say that we believe in life after death, whether it will continue in a heaven or a hell yet we refuse to let people go. We want others to be just as afraid of dying as we are so we keep them here, suffering because if we let them go then we have to face the fact that we are afraid. We would have to look death in the eye and we are so afraid of that that we keep people alive and suffering.

We have more pity for animals than we do for human beings. If an animal is suffering, we do not hesitate to put it out of its misery but a human being, we never say oh this poor person is suffering so much, we should put them out of their misery. We force them to keep living and suffering for as long as possible. We tell ourselves it's because we love them but it is not so. It is not love, it is fear. It is our fear of death that keeps them here.

Suffering benefits no one. Suffering eats away at the soul. Once we truly accept that there is life after death, whether it's in a heaven, a hell or reincarnation, we are not afraid to let people move on. When we truly accept that there is no death we allow people to die with dignity, make their passing as comfortable as possible, bid them farewell and hope to meet them again in another life.

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