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You Only Have One Life To Live

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I believe in reincarnation. I believe it because I remember my past lives so for me it is not a fantasy, it is a reality. Even though I remember my past lives and know there is no death, death still scares me. Why? Because we only have one life to live.

If we reincarnate then why do I write that we only have one life to live? Simple. Do you remember living before? Most people don't. If you don't remember living before, then your current life is the only life you have since it is the only one you remember. You are the sum of your memories. If you don't remember something it doesn't exist.

When you die, you become someone new. You have a different body, different culture, different race, different personality. Your spirit stays the same but you become an entirely different person. That person is not the person you used to be and it is rare that you will remember who you were before so each life is new, each life is different and with each life comes amnesia of all the lives you lived before.

This is the real reason we fear death. We don't want to be erased. Even though we know we will go on living, we will be erased and that is the same as a permanent death. We may not like the life we currently have but the thought of not existing at all is worse. Remembering your past lives doesn't make death any easier. It makes it more clear that we only have one life to live as ourselves. I like who I am now and I wish I could just continue to live and grow and be better but I can't. Some day this me will be over and will be replaced by another me and it kinda makes me angry. Why can't I just stay me, die and still be me but it doesn't work that way. Each life isn't a continuation of the life you have now with stops in between. No. Each life is a new life, a new person, a new personality.

This life I am living now will just be a memory for the next person I become. Just like the lives I lived before are just memories. They are as real as a memory we have of being four years old. Remembering is not the same as reliving. Being a memory is not the same as being alive.

The lesson in this would be to appreciate the person you are today, appreciate the life you have and appreciate the people who are in your life because when you die, everything gets erased and even though you may meet those people again you won't know who they are. Live and be happy. You only have one life as you, so enjoy it.

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