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If you only have one life to live, why spend it in misery?

Many people say they don't believe in reincarnation yet they live their lives as if they do. They spend their time doing things they don't want to do, working in jobs they hate, being with people they don't want to be with. Why? people who say they don't believe in reincarnation seem to live their lives as if they'll be able to do what they really want to do in another lifetime. Why else would they waste the one life they are given pursuing things that don't matter and doing things they hate? If you really only have one life to live wouldn't you want it to be a happy one? Wouldn't you want to die knowing you had lead a good life, doing the things you love, being with people you like and collecting good memories?

Imagine you are old. Your hair is white, your voice is raspy and death is calling your name. Your life is over, really over. Are you going over all the things you wanted to do in life but didn't? Are you wishing you had spent more time with your kids? Are you wishing you had made amends to people you were angry with?

Why do we wait until death is calling us before we realize the things that are really important in life? Why do we have to escape death before we start living? The one thing you hear from people who have come close to death is that they now have different priorities than they did before the accident. They don't take things for granted anymore. They realize just how short life is and how easily it can be taken away. These people usually change their lives drastically. They start doing the things they love. They start spending more time with family. Getting money and material things just aren't important to them anymore.

Don't wait for death in order to start living life. When death comes knocking it will be too late to change things. Not many of us get a second chance at life. Before we know it, life is over and all we can do is say, "Why didn't I do this? Why didn't I do that? If I had it to do over again, I would do thing differently".

Do you think it will matter that you didn't live in a house? Do you think it will matter that you didn't have a car? Do you think it will matter that the clothes you wore weren't the best? Of course not. Material things don't matter. We can't take any of that stuff with us. Do you think you can take your house with you when you die? Do you think you can take your car? The only thing you take with you when you die is yourself and the memories you have from this life. You come into this life with nothing and you leave with nothing. All you take with you are your experiences. The choice is yours, you can spend your life wasting time in sorrowful situations and take those unhappy memories with you or you can spend your life creating happy, positive experiences which will leave you with happy memories when you move on.

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