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6 Reasons Why We Die

1. Death serves several purposes. Because we are on a planet of suffering it gives us a reprieve from suffering. Without death we would continue to suffer endlessly. Imagine if you were being tortured and there was no death. Imagine if you were a woman in a country where women are forced to marry men and be their wives and you had to be that man's wife for all eternity. Imagine that you were an animal in a zoo, caged for life but that life never ended. Imagine that you were dying of cancer but you never died. You just lived with cancer forever. We should be thankful we have death.

2. Death makes life more sweet. As much as we may hate life, we hate death even more. It is our fear of death that keeps us alive. Without this fear of death we would be committing suicide by the masses. Life is horrible. There is so much suffering that if we didn't fear death we would just leave. Fear of death keeps us going even when things are really, really bad. Everyone complains about how horrible the world is but very few people are leaving voluntarily.

3. Death allows us to express extreme anger. We have a lot of hate inside us which is why we are born on a planet where there is death. We get to vent our anger at each other by killing each other even though deep down we know that that person we have killed doesn't really die. Without death, where would all that anger go?

4. Death gives us a sense of justice. We get to punish bad people by killing them. It makes us feel like we are making the world a better place. We aren't really, it's just an illusion. Whether we kill or someone else kills, killing is killing. It's all the same. We feel that people are getting their just desserts when we kill them. Without death how would we punish people we think don't deserve to live?

5. There is death because we need to live. This is a planet of death. Every time we take a breath we kill millions of microscopic beings. In order for anything to live on this planet it must kill something else. We consume life just to stay alive. Vegetarians and vegans who think they are not killing other beings to live are not educated in how the world we live in functions. We eat death. Vegetables are alive and we kill them to live. Animals die, go into the earth and feed the vegetables we grow to eat. Everything is connected. One thing dies so another thing can live. Without death there would literally be no life on this planet.

6. We are attracted to things that support our beliefs. We believe in death so we were born on a planet where things "die". We have so much hate inside us that we need death. We created a world in which we have to kill each other to live. We create good and evil then convince ourselves that we can get rid of evil by killing it. The reality is that there is no death. Death is just an illusion. Nothing ever really dies, it just changes form. Why do we die? We die because we believe we have to.

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