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Peaceful Souls

A peaceful soul cannot be born in a world that has violence. No matter how peaceful we think we are, we aren't. We were born in a world of violence because deep down we believe in suffering, aggression and violence.

From the moment we are born, we live in fear. We don't realize that we are always in a state of fear, but we are. We are used to being in this state. We are fearful of making people angry because they may hurt us. We are fearful of walking late at night because someone may hurt us. We lock our car doors because we don't want our cars stolen. We lock our homes because we don't want our things stolen. We watch over our children because we don't want them harmed. The threat of violence is always there. A peaceful soul cannot survive in a world full of such fear.

There is a difference between being a peaceful person and being a person who does not act violently toward others. When people think of peace, they think since they do not act violently toward others, they are peaceful people. That is not the case. There are no peaceful people in a violent world. In order to exist in a violent world you must support the existence of violence.

Being non violent and passive does not mean you are peaceful. It means that as long as violence does not affect you, you don't care. You don't care that it is affecting others. You may not take part in violence but you aren't doing anything to stop it's existence either. This means you are okay with violence being a part of the world.

In order to fight violence we, ourselves, have to be aggressive and sometimes violent. We must lock violent people up which means we have to live in fear of them escaping. We must apply the death penalty which makes us killers, no better than the other killers. We must protect our borders, our homes, our children. Those things make us a part of the violence.

In order to be born in a violent world, you must believe in and support violence. Do you see how a peaceful soul would never be born into a violent world? It's not possible. They couldn't do so and still be peaceful beings. A violent world invites violent souls: souls who are violent, souls who fight violence and souls who ignore the violence because it doesn't affect them.

Those who are peaceful do not believe in violence at all, not only for themselves but also for others. They do not tolerate violence. They do not see aggression as a way to solve problems. They do not condone other people's violence with silence. They do not support lawmakers passing laws that restrict the rights of others or laws that cause the suffering of others. Peaceful souls do not even know what violence is because it is not part of their consciousness. A peaceful soul would not know what fear is because they live among other peaceful souls who do not know what violence is and would not cause others to fear them.

Peace means not having to lock your doors because there is no one who would steal your things. Peace means walking outside at any time of night and knowing there is no one who would consider hurting you. Peace means leaving your children with anyone because there is no one who would ever hurt them. Peace means travelling anywhere in the world and knowing that you are safe.

A soul who is peaceful would never be born in this world because peace does not exist anywhere in this world.

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